Mar 21, 2010


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Yesterday night went to 3P event at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Hahaha! Don't get me wrong, it's actually Purple, Pink & pOp's day at Full House celebrate Jason aka smashpOp birthday with the Siao Gang (too bad, the leader (as according to rames) Jeniffer couldn't come as she's at Australia, heheheh!).

credit to Rames for this photo

I ordered this Chicken Spaghetti something (damn I'm so forgetful lately, I guess I'm getting old liao)

This spaghetti is nice tho but the portion are just too small for me, that why at night I have tapao Ramly Burger. lol!

YY had this, it's very nice...... the decoration but taste so so only.

The Siao Gang bought pOp a T-Shirt from TopShop.

nice kan?

Here's the Siao Gang group photo, hahahah it look like Jaclyn's Birthday more tho standing in the center :P Damn! my leg look super long (UWA lens effect)

credit to Rames for this photo

Here I would like to wish Jason, Happy Birthday again and get more HANDSOME. XD


EVo said...

I wonder how many times pop celebrate his bday in a year! :D

TZ said...

@evo: pop is celebrity, sure have to celebrate birthday many times ;-)

Mactify said...

Hey bro, i'm Jing-leBelle.
I've changed my blog le..

Please take note ya :)

Anonymous said...

Evo - Hahah! Like wat TZ said, celebs ma.

Mactify - :O okok!

Catherine said...

well, happy birthday ? XD