Mar 15, 2010

Edge of Darkness

Posted by Joshua |

Last Friday I've watched Edge of Darkness starred by Mel Gibson at 1 Utama.

From the poster itself, it doesn't really attract me to buy tickets, it just look like some cheap and lame police officer storyline but I was wrong.

This movie is about homicide detective's daughter who's got murdered in front of his own eyes. Fueled by his anger revenge, he investigate further and he only discover it was from a big giant government cover-up. What he could do? Find it out it at the nearest cinema. lol!

Rate 7/10 The storyline is quite lengthy but the investigation was exciting.


taufulou said...

ahh..thanks for the review..~

Xjion89 said...

waaaaaaa, another movie~~~
u really the movie king ooo.

Joshua said...

taufulou - Hahah! Just my personal thought :)

Xjion89 - lol!

benooi said...

Walao eh, new movie again!!

just said...

how do u do?