Mar 11, 2010

Mr. Tom Yam

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Last month I've actually visited Giza Sunway that opened lately at Kota Damansara.

Most of the shops there yet to open but there are a number of restaurants started operate. Thus we decided to have our lunch there as my office is just nearby. Sometimes it's quite hard to think what and where to have lunch. Do you guys have this problem?

FYI, I'm not a fan of spicy foods and don't expect me to review how good are the foods there. I only know I think. The Foods is FREAKING HOT!

My colleagues, Chris and Kit

Michael & St. Bernard

I've actually ordered set meal for lunch. I had Green Curry Prawns (only got 2 prawns. WTF!) Was thought it would be save to have curry but I'm wrong, it's spicy as well.

a Clear Tom Yam soup were come along, don't be fooled with the clear soup. Seriously, it's freaking HOT & SPICY, even my colleagues claimed it's hot. lol!

This is my life Saviour. Luckily I ordered this to kill the pain. lol!

Had a great sweats instead of enjoying the foods. lol! So do you like spicy/hot foods?


AaronWoolala said...

Oh yes bro, I love spicy food.
Looks good, I want to try! =D