Mar 24, 2010

Dinner With Colleagues & Frens

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Last Friday I had a great dinner with my fellows colleagues, ex-colleagues and frens at 9888 Restaurant. (located nearby Taman Maluri) Didn't know there are this restaurant till Robert suggested.

Let's get craving with what we've ordered.

This seafoods paste is just like having shark fin in wedding dinner, it taste not bad and must finish it while it's hot.

some non-halal dish, nothing much to shout about.

This deep fried fish taste good.

Eggs clams

*sorry for the wrong description*

This is my fellows colleagues, ex-colleagues & frens. Soon I'll be in the "ex-colleague" category. lol!

Had a great day and not to be forgotten I had a lot of rices too. XD

BTW can you guess how much would this dinner rounded up?

It really surprised me when the bill came. It's less than RM270, not bad right with so many good dishes.

Be ready for the whole new Tallboyz V 3.0

Be expecting Blue, Green & Giant. XD


Liang Mui said...

wow.. looks like veli nice wor

Chingy said...


taufulou said...

nothing to shout about ah..
but the way you capture it sure look very delicious~

Anonymous said...

Liang Mui - Yes! It is! :)

Chingy - Hhahah! So high cholesterol XD

taufulou - lol! Angel! XP