Mar 9, 2010

I've Won A LG Chocolate BL40

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About a month ago, I've actually participated a contest "Why I Like It Longer" organised by LG Malaysia in partner with Nuffnang Malaysia in collaboration of the new LG Chocolate BL40.

This morning I've received an e mail from Nuffnang and the subject was Results of the "Why I Like It Longer" blogging contest are out!

Yeah! It was the results that's what I've been waiting for and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners to own a brand new LG Chocolate BL40. Thank you LG Malaysia & Nuffnang Malaysia.

Do read my winning blogpost Why I Like It Longer wor. Heheh!

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Life's Good with LG.


JaSoN LCE® said...

wow... COngrats man!!!

taufulou said...

wah lau!~ you won another item~

but it was a great post!

atreyu strange said...

seee?!!!! i told you before that whenever you join contest, sure no harapan for me ady! hahaha!!

clive said...

congratulations! u deserve it!

F'Amos said...

Congra!! so envy u won so much thg!!


Cayenne said...

hey congratulations..! as what i've expected la. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Jason - Thanks man~!

taufulou - Hehehe! Thank you :)

atreyu - Aiyoh, I'm just lucky only

clive - Thank you, appreciated :)

F'Amos - U also can ma, come and participate lar.

Cayenne - Thank you wor, u also did a great blogpost. :)

Agnes Sim said...

wow!! congratzzzzzzzzz