Mar 28, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Posted by Joshua |

Woots! Finally I've watched "How To Train Your Dragon" yesterday at Berjaya Times Square.

Watched 35mm format as my gf ain't fans of 3D animation that could made her dizzy. No more 3D movies for me =(

This movie is about a young Viking who wanted to be a part with the tribe's Hazard Occupation of killing dragons. Everything has changed when he met a dragon "Night Fury" and found the reasons why the dragons attacked Viking's village.

Found the story is quite interesting and the animation look great although not in 3D format. I believe it would be better in 3D.

Rate 9/10 Wish to own a Night Fury XD


AaronWoolala said...

Yeah after watching this, everyone wants a dragon, Night Fury to be exact. Hahaha. Damn cool. I'm gonna watch in 3D next!

Joshua said...

Wah! Watch 2nd times ah! Geng!

taufulou said...

yeah! great movie~

lookign fowrad for that new 3-D movie..clash of the titans~

Joshua said...

taufulou - Yeah! I'm waiting for it