Mar 18, 2010

Sandy's Birthday at Pantai Seafood

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Sorry for the slow update, recently has been busy working out with my freelance and as well having my Tallboyz V3.0 project to work out. Heheheh!

Last Sunday me with my ex-secondary friends celebrated Sandy's Birthday at Pantai Seafood, Kayu Ara.

It was a last minutes decision as we are supposedly to try out Steamboat nearby the places.

They have this super big aquarium with all the seafoods displayed and you can actually pick which one you one.

Let's the foods roll;

This is one for their's famous vege.

The soup of this is superb.

This is the most expensive dish that we've ordered but it taste very good although I don't really like garlic and I found it taste very well.

Sweet and sour + abit spicy. Damn nice!

Not to miss the salted egg squid.

Missed the famous salted crap crab as we did not book and it was quite late we reached.

After the wonderful meal, it candle blowing time.

25 already jor lar! Must guai guai and sang sang seng seng ya. Wish you to find your life partner very soon.*Hint* Yeah! She's SINGLE and AVAILABLE. Muakakaka!

Some group photos.

Tat's us! :)


CWKen said...

ur d90 photo very leng :D

TZ said...

Ended up how much is the dinner... Just curious?

sarah said...

kk got much more fresh n cheap seafoods....come here lar

Joshua said...

CWKen - lol! Mana ada? Same same only ler.

TZ - RM450 if not mistaken :)

sarah - Hahha! I know I know