May 24, 2010

All-In-One Web Portal of Social Networks

Posted by Joshua |

The most basic things for peoples to keep in touch are phone, email and IM.

After the existed of Facebook & Twitter, the number of peoples committed themselves to online have increased drastically so they could stay connected.

What if everything can be done in one stop web portal?

I’ve been using this TM iTalk Whoa! for all my social networks and I found it's quite convenience to use.


I able to read all my personal e mails with the interface that similar to Outlook.


Sometimes I'm quite kepoh (busybody) to know what my friends doing/talking about life, tech, jokes & sharing. It can be done with iTalk Whoa! service portal.

Phone Calls & SMS

I can also make phone calls local or even international call in a cheap rate. How cheap is cheap would that be?
Singapore 9sen/min, China 11sen/min, UK 14sen/min, USA 14sen/min & Canada 14sen.min. It’s super LOW and AFFORDABLE.

For more info about the IDD call rate click HERE!

SMS also can be done local and abroad as well.


Variety IM networks supported so you would not miss out any IM talks with your friends & family.

Come and try out the All-In-One web portal of media social networks iTalk Whoa!


Mactify said...

Few months ago i registered but keep failing and need to refill all the info. And i gave up after that. haha..Don't have the username available check system tho. They only will notify you when you finish everything =/

Joshua said...

Mactify - Ouch! You may need to use IE! Hope this will help! :)