May 31, 2010

HariSusuSedunia | espresSOUP

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Today I've attended 1 2 event in KL. In the morning there was The Largest Milk Drinking event in collaboration of World Milk Day 2010 at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.Meeting up with Rames & Tian Chad for the event.

They are actually going to set a Malaysian Book of Records for The Largest Milk Drinking event but the weird thing about this record breaking is, it limit peoples to participate. They mentioned the registration closes at 10.30am and I reached there at 10.15am and they told me registration full. Huh? Why you need to limit participates for record breaking? Doesn't make sense right?

Since there are nothing to do, we went for breakfast at Old Town, Pavilion.

Chillin out at Pavilion before we head to Low Yat Plaza for the next event.

BlupBlupMY treated bloggers a complimentary lunch at espresSOUP as a token of appreciation for becoming a member and I was honoured to be invited

The speciality of espresSOUP obviously is the SOUP lor! The unique of espresSOUP is the soup served in a square-based bread that works as a bowl at the same time it's edible.

It has a few variety of soups to be choose from; Mushroom, Broccoli, Minestrone, Pumpkin & Clam. Clam is the best!

The bread bowl is made out of rye which they claim is healthy and no oil or sugar added. I found the bread is a bit dry and hard, probably that's the reason so the bread can hold the soup for a longer time.

espresSOUP does not only serve soup. They also have pasta, sandwiches & salads.

The thousand island mayo is just nice on this salad.

As usual, bloggers never miss out group photo but I've missed it out in this photo coz I was the human tripod. Rames offered me to Photoshop myself inside this photo. lol!

Thank you again to BlupBlupMY and espresSOUP for treating us such a wonderFULL lunch.


Jackie Loi said...

wee thx for d group pic ;P

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

come come photoshop your self inside =D nice hanging out with you guys!

Afra Yuri said...

hey tallboyz, i curik ur last picture ya ;p
cuz its the only one that has me in it hehe

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

haha! eh brother human tripod stand? haha I know why. you got a DSLR also?

foongpc said...

Is the espresSOUP nice? I've heard of it but yet to try it!

AndyC said...

wouldnt the bread be soggy holding the soup?

Anonymous said...

Jackie - NP

Tian Chad - lol!

Afra Yuri - No problem :)

Baboon - Coz I help they all take photos with theirs' camera.

foongpc - It's nice! must try the clam!

AndyC - Nope! It's quite hard tho!