May 11, 2010

Furry Vengeance

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Last Sunday I've watched Furry Vengeance starred by Brendan Fraser at Jusco, Cheras Selatan.

Furry Vengeance is about a real estate developer movie his family from city of Chicago to Oregon for his job of oversee the building of a big housing development.

But he was threatens the home of the local forest creatures thus the animals seek revenge by having a battlefield with him. It's man versus the animal. Sound doesn't make sense? Who care, it's just a family comedy movie to laugh along.

Rate 6/10 Not really as funny as expected but one thing I noticed is Brendan Fraser has become super FAT eh, no more big tough guys like in The Mummy Return or Journey To The Center Earth. >.<


benooi said...

Going to watch tomorrow!

JaSoN LCE® said...

yup... same as what I thought... Not very funny and too lame...

benooi said...

watched, it's not funny it's lame but still funny, know what I mean? haha. I prefer he was in

Malaysia Top Hosting said...

watched. i agree with jason & ben.. not funny enough to me

Anonymous said...

benooi - lol!

Jason - Ya lor!

Malaysia Top Hosting - Too lame and fake I guess.