May 18, 2010

The Descent 2

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Just got back from eCurve, watched The Descent 2 courtesy to Nuffnang Malaysia.

The Descent 2 is the sequel that continue the story of Sarah, who are the only survivor of all caving expedition that gone wrong.

As for this time, Sarah was forced by a sheriff to go back to the cave to find the missing expediters. Sarah was suffers severe psychological trauma thus she couldn't memorised what had happened before days. Another horrifying story continues.

The cave system like maze, the sudden attack of man-eater creatures, bloods scattered and poops. Yeah! you read it right, it's poops, those who have watched would know why! XD

Rate 7/10 Bloods pumping movie.


suhaisweet said...

Hi bro..1st time see ur blog..nice entry and love ur pics too.visit me if free huh..;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks wor~! :)