May 26, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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Just got back from movie screening Prince of Persia.

One word to describe AWESOM! AWSOME! AWESOME! How to spell ah? Okok! I think you get what I mean.

I have the opportunities to watch this 2 days earlier that others, thanks again to MixdotFM.

Not going to be a spoiler here. From the trailer that I've watched, I didn't give much hope that this movie going to turn out good and I was wrong.

This movie have the feeling of Pirates of The Caribbean, the different is this is on land. The set (background), CG, make up is simply awesome. Did I use the word again? XD

Jake Gyllenhaal played very well in this movie as the Prince, the agility of fighting is superb. I was like watching Jackie Chan. lol!

Rate 9/10 Rich with actions, superb CG, nice storyline & beautiful peoples I meant the main actress lar!


TZ said...

i'm planning to watch this but i'm still stuck in the persian country :(

taufulou said...

inddeed was a great movie eh~

JaSoN LCE® said...

u makes me cant wait to watch it... =.="

EVo said...


Copykate said...

really that good ka? then i should probably watch it. teehee

Hakzai said...

free tix again? so good!

Xjion89 said...

hmmmm, really tempted to go and watch liao~~~hahahah~~

btw, u oso got a lot interesting posts mah^^

Anonymous said...

TZ - huh? U at middle east now?

BOK - Yeah! U changed car?

Jason - Hahah! I was nice right?

EVo - Yes! U must!

Copykate - Yeah! Go and watch fast fast! Hehehe!

Hakzai - Yeah! Hehehe!

Xjion89 - Go lar! Got meh? Hahah! Lousy blogpost only I got :P