May 25, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time X 2

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What with the X 2?

I will be watching X 2 of Prince of Persia this week! Why? Coz I'm Siao! :P

I've actually won 2 invites to catch Prince of Persia, one is a Special Screening with Mister Potato from Nuffnang Malaysia and another one is from MixdotFM. Woots!

This afternoon I was surprised by receiving a SMS from MixdotFM telling me that I've won 4 movie passes to catch Prince of Persia and it was a Premier Screening that held tomorrow at Tropicana City Mall.

Thanks NuffnangMY and MixdotFM. You guys have brighten up my Monday. Muakakaka!

Before the movie do check out the trailer below;

This is my 20th winning of radio contest. Muakaka! XD

-Meet The Spartan Movie Passes by 988
-Superheroes Movie Passes by 988
-RM150 Neway Voucher by MyFM
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Passes by MixFM
-Dragon Evolution Movie Passes by 988
-The Uninvited Movie Passes by 988
-Make It Happen Movie Passes by OneFM
-Fighting Movie Passes by 988
-Ice Age 3 Movie Passes by OneFM
-RM199 TrichoKare Vouchers by MyFM
-Coweb Movie Passes by OneFM
-Murderer Movie Passes by 988
-Avatar Movie Passes by 988
-The Bodyguards & Assassins by MixFM
-Ju-on 2 by 988
-The Spy Next Door by 988
-Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief by MixFM
-Beauty On Duty by 988
-Mother's Day with HOJB by 988

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RedButtockz Wern said...

wahhh grats on winning =)
*jealous* =p

EVo said...

Faster watch and review bro! i also wana watch!

Joshu@law said...

wa...won radio contest 20 times edi! Pro!

Anonymous said...

RedButtockz Wern - U also can one! Try to participate :)

EVo - It's nice bro!

Joshu@law - Hehehe! Not pro lar, just small prizes only. :)

~Blabberina~ said...

i just knew henry and darkbatman only..huhu