May 29, 2010

Nightmare on Elm Street | Milk World Day 2010

Posted by Joshua |

Finally yesterday I've watched Nightmare on Elm Street.

This movie is about a serial killer who wore a glove with four blades attached in his finger and kills peoples in their dreams, resulting real death in reality.

It mean if you sleep, you will die. OMG! Cannot sleep? I rather to be killed than cannot sleep, sleeping is one of my all time favourite activities. lol!

Rate 8/10 This is movie is damn suspend and fast heart-pumping.

Anyone here is joining The Largest Milk-Drinking Event in collaboration of World Milk Day 2010 at Pavilion tomorrow morning 10.00am 30/05/2010.

Be part of the Malaysia Book of Records and free milk are giveaways!


benooi said...

kill thru the dream cool

foongpc said...

Yeah, this is an entertaining movie, but I have seen the old version Part 1 and 3 and that's why not too shocked. I'll rate it 6.5/10. If have never seen the old movie, then I agree with you - will give it an 8!