May 7, 2010

Size Does Matter

Posted by Joshua |

Size does really matter for me. What are you thinking? I'm talking about the McDonalds latest promo "McDonald's Doubles" Yeah! This promo is about doubles of McValue Meal like Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken.

Have any of you tried it before?

Actually just now I have my dinner at McDonalds nearby my house, wanted to try the Mega Mac badly.

FYI, I'm quite a big fans of Big Mac though. I've participate a contest about Big Mac about 2 years back that organised by McDonald's Malaysia "Big Mac Chant" and I did made a video for the contest.

I still can do the Big Mac Chant tho. If you don't believe, when you saw me request me chant it and I will do the Mega Mac chant for you. XD

Size does matter? And I will answer YES! Always wanted to have a burger that can actually fulfil my thirst of hunger.

4 pieces of beef patties!!!!!

Maybe it's just that it's tall??? That sound like it for me... Tall Burger. lol!

Actual product always look alot different and fugly. XD

Eating this Mega Mac does need skills tho. Not really easy for peoples that have small bite.

You need to have a big mouth like me to have a real satisfaction on each bite of this Mega Mac.

Still, this Mega Mac couldn't give me the feeling that 1 Mega Mac is enough.


李0825juanherzberg said...

生命所經歷的折磨愈多,其所產生的奮鬥力愈大。 ..................................................

Shirleen said...

It's just extra meat right>? Is there anything different?

Joshua said...

Shirleen - Yeah! Extra 2 patties beef :)

Malaysia Top Hosting said...

wow..that looks yummy..