Apr 30, 2008

Good foods at Alley

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What do you guys thing about having your breakfast/lunch/dinner at some places that look ain’t that clean or at an alley that you can see some cats and rats run about.

Last Saturday me, andy and my Dear went to Jalan Pudu for dinner. It’s ain't a restaurant nor a shop.

It located nearby Pudu LRT station.

When we reached there, all of the tables there were already occupied with ppl.

The waiting time there quite long I tell you. If you not a patient person I would suggest you to eat at McD or KFC.

Here's the foods.

Seriously the foods there are yummy especially yin yong.

It reminded me of "never jugde a book by it's cover"

Dun know why 2day I feel like friday, mayb 2moro going to be a public holiday. Yahooooo!

Happy Holiday to all (which are stay in Malaysia) =)


Shiveeleaves said...

hhmm,how i wish the fried hokkien mee to be my supper now.
aiya,got rats means the food is nice.rats always the picky 1. :P
anyway,happy holiday to you as well.

UncleJosh said...

haha :)
jln pudu and didn't ask me along~! you're mean!!!
i know another place with nice food near jalan pudu...

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - Haha! Rat picky! Happy Holiday!
UncleJosh - Okok! Tag u out next time. =)