Apr 18, 2008

Kim Gary again!

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Last week had dinner at Kim Gary. Have not really took good photos of the foods there.

Here it go.

Mini sausages.

Slizzing Beef with Black Pepper sauce.

Chicken Chop Rice.

Cheesy Baked Chicken Chop Rice. (I love this)

Sze Chuan something noodles.

OMG! Now is 12.25pm and I'm damn hungry can?

After foods, now human photo shot session.

Chooi Mei, Sandy and Mun Lay.

Yoke Yee and Me.

Ronan and Chooi Mei.

They are too bored and nothing to do, they did something bad and illegal againt the laws.

They molested someone.

They molested....


Mei Wah said...

wow... i love the pictures you took!!!

Anonymous said...

Mei Wah - Izit? Thank you wor! =)