Apr 21, 2008

Back to Cave | Can Brake Safely Now

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Remember iZZi? The 4G wireless broadband that I subscribed 6 months ago.

Finally I have lost hope on it. Early the download & upload speed are cogent and I'm very happy with it.

Few months later, nightmare happened. The speed went down like no 2moro. At nite I can't even upload a 100kb file and worst MSN also cannot signed in. It only happen at nite, obviously the line is packed. Maybe my area now is congested with iZZi users.

Called the customer service few times they can't give any solution.

In the end I returned the broadband card and get my refund. Almost 6 months of usage I can get back 50% of the refund.

Now I'm like a caveman living in stoneage with no internet connection at home.

OMG! No internet mean no blogging, no blogging mean no life. Can die already can?

115kbps only and upload test 0kbps.

Now my car, last week went to my regular shop for wheel checking.

Everytime I apply the brake pedal a bit harder the wheel will produce some weird noise, it like 2 hard metals rub against and cause it can't brake well.

Brake played important role in a car. Life is relying on it.

So asked the enginneer to check.

Then they found out that my brake pad is almost finished and the surfaces of my disc rotor are scraped and uneven.

I’m not sure you guys believe or not. This is my 5th times disc rotor changed. 5 times! 4 times claimed from P2 and this time needs to buy. My mum 2X years old Datsun also didn't change even single time.

Installing new disc rotor and brake pad.

Now I can brake safely.


beyond said...

I think it is time u go to a halfcut shop and request for TOyota Passo rotor disc. At least, they last...

hp84 said...

I also just changed all my 4 tyres yesterday. It is always good to be safe.
If break got problem, very dangerous.

ahlost said...

owh.. so, this is how the disc rotor and brake pad look like.. haha..

Anonymous said...

Beyond - Now ok I guess. C how lar.
HP84 - Ya lor, that y fast fast change.
ahlost - er.....

Shin said...

haihz.. my rotor KONG 2 months after claimed november last year.. but.. cant claim now.. cuz over 100k km~

Anonymous said...

Shin - Too bad!

KOKahKOK said...

spend ur $ in exchange of safety! hehe am i rite~ cehck always~ play safe~~~~~

UncleJosh said...

yep yep...
check your tyres more frequently and brakes and rotors... semua perlu check ya... ^_^

bearlim said...

no wonder didnt see you for quite sometime. And finally you are back! welcome back on blogging^^

Anston said...

Oh! I still remember d time i asked u abt d IZZI, haha!

Sad to hear the news, maybe d traffic is too much for them to handle. I'm still using Streamyx, speed is like KLCI, so... dramatically!

Anonymous said...

KOKahKOK - Yeah! Life can't be buy with $.
UncleJosh - Roger that!
BearLim - Hehe! Miss me ah? =P
Anston - Luckily u didn't apply =P

Shiveeleaves said...

walao eh,i wonder how you drive your car 1? ala initial D?
my kenari 2 years also never change once.

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - It's the manufacture defect ler. Low quality disc rotor. Not my fault, I'm not the only one facing this issue. Alot more myvians having this.