Apr 8, 2008

Restaurant Kien Kee, Serdang

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My 2nd time post makan at Restaurant Kien Kee.

Good foods would never stop me from having it again.

This restaurant located at Serdang behind Post Office.

One of the famous dishes, Sup Pedas/Spicy Soup.

Fah Dew Kai, one of the famous dishes too.

Wine prawns, the soup is awesome.

Lunch time from 1pm delayed to 3pm and all of us hungry like zombie.

After eat and full what we do?

Cam whore lor! Hehe!

Cam-whore session started.

Normal pose.

Siao pose.

OMG! My hair damn long can? dun like!


fattien said...

OMG!!! I love wine prawn. It just not only taste good but smell good as well.

Anonymous said...

Fattien - Yeah! U went there b4?

hp84 said...

I also wanna try the restaurant. Is it expensive?

bear said...

lol, i went there last sunday as well with my family =p

The spicy soup and chicken is Rm8/person, prawn is around Rm30 for a small one i think

Anonymous said...

HP84 - Ok ah! Down town's food aint that expensive geh.

Bear - Hehe! U miss the foods ler?

bear said...

no la, so ngam pass by tat area so my dad bring us there lo =)

Anonymous said...

Bear - Oh! Gembira Keluarga! =)