Apr 15, 2008

Some Recap

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Here some recap of my blog thru out 1 year.

-My very first post was PC Fair 2007 in April.
-Sungai Congkak trip with a bunch of cool frens that met in Myviclub.
-Had a makeover car detailing by Meguiars' (Damn happy can? RM7XX spent in my car for FOC)
-MyviC National TT (Teh Tarik) to Cherating.
-Robert&Selina wedding shot.
-Celebrate Brendan's Birthday at Chilis, MV.
-Bought a cool gadget for my B'day, Nokia N95 (lovin it, still using).

-Celebrating my B'day at Genki Sushi, KLCC.
-Chooi Mei's B'day at Marche, The Curve.
-Had Petaling Street Walk with Douglas and Steve.
-My 1st Backpack experince to Cambodia with Douglas, Steve and Vincent. Click HERE to c my visit to Cambodia.
-MyviC 2nd years anniversary at Bukit Cahaya.

-Went to Pulau Ketam with Douglas and Steve.
-Langkawi trip with a new bunch of fren. Darren, Ryan, Douglas, Joyce, Yen and Bert.
-Attended Samsung ARP Bloggers Gathering with some cool bloggers smashpOp, Rames, April Cherrie and Jen. Won 70% off of the phone. =)
-Alex & Sharon wedding shot.

-Do You Cola? My Hobby.
-Hair twisted.
-Malacca trip with Ryan, Darren and Douglas.
-Ronan & Mun Lay B'day at IZZI KL.

-Penang trip with Douglas, smashpOp and Aaron. Met alot new bloggers/shouters.
-Ipoh Mali with Lujimmie, Steve and Douglas.
-Girl Next Door.
-Christmas eve at Ronan's house.

-Kenko Fish Spa.
-Micro-D (M) Sdn. Bhd. Annual Dinner at Tropicana.
-Vote For Me Can?
-Me & My Dear.
-Bukit Cahaya outing with Eugene, Eri, Hung Wei, Hiew, Lee Peng, Fattien.

-Celebrate Sandy's B'day at Neway, TS.
-pOp's B'day at Rahsia. (The restaurant really name "Rahsia")
-My Heart, My Soul.
-New gadget.

Phew! Done! Summarised gao gao! Haha!

Time do past really fast. Like that already 1 year past, first of all I would like to thanks to all of the viewers of my blog. Without you guys I dun think my blog could really grow and stay active.

Thank you to all!
Damn! I need tissue.


hp84 said...

Joshua, it is a very cool recap of your blog and real life. I get to know you better now. BTW, i just want to clarify whether u r working/studying now?

KOKahKOK said...

haha....me too....recap of your blog...NICE! happy birthday to your blog lo! hehehe......

UncleJosh said...

he's working!!! and he's damn cool guy... can't wait to meet him lo...
what a nice recap... so much free time eh...

Anonymous said...

HP84 - Thanks mate. Currently working in IT field.

KOKahKOK - Thank you! Thank you!

UncleJosh - I'm not very cool but siao would be proper word to describe me. =P
Update in the office. Dun tell my boss k?