Apr 7, 2008

New Gadget

Posted by Anonymous |

I got a new gadget.

It's iPAQ 612 Business Navigator PDA phone.


The specification of the PDA phone;

Windows Mobile® 6 Professional

Marvell PXA270 Processor 529Mhz

320 x 240, 65K colours, 16-bit 2.8" TFT

3.0 Mega Pixel Camera with auto focus

128 MB SDRAM main memory for running applications, 256 MB flash ROM

Integrated WLAN 802.11b/g with WPA2 security, Bluetooth® 2.0 with EDR

Integrated Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone and Tri band UMTS, HSPDA

Integrated GPS navigation (Assisted GPS)

Integrated 12-button numeric keypad with Smart Touch Wheel function

Integrated microphone, receiver, speaker and stereo headphone jack

Wait a second................

It can be torn a part.


Hehe! Gotcha!

Thanks to my gal gal for this PDA pen drive. I'm loving it.


Anonymous said...

Gosh!! My heart started to beat to see the difference with my Ipaq 6412. Integrated GPS wow! 3mp cam? Wow! Haha you got me good!


bear said...

lol i was about to say

"The guy who always claim to be poor has a new gadget again"


Anonymous said...

Dimitri - Haha! If not mistaken really got such model already but no camera.

Bear - Hehe! Gotcha!

yipguseng said...

hua!! that's a nice thumbdrive man!!

do u think those thief will attempt to snatch it if u pretend to talk thru it while walking along the street? :P

iCalvyn said...

er...look like dummy set...

Anonymous said...

yipguseng - Haha! Ppl would thought I'm crazy =P
icalyvn - Haha! Nowadays dummy set look real oh!