Jul 22, 2008

Bad Monday

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Had a tough day yesterday. As usual Monday always blue to me, no mood to work but the table filled up with alot unsettle tasks.

After a tiring day I was thought of driving back home, taking a hot shower and rest.

I was suppose to fetch my gf to get her car but some unexpected happened, my tyre punctured. OMG! I have no choice to replace it with spare tyre in order for me to continue my journey.

jacking up my car

small and slim spare tyre.

It took me like 20 minutes to replace the tyre and have myself dirty all over. Damn it!

U know wat? The spare tyre dun have enough air and I was like OMG! How to drive ler? Luckily I manage to reach to a petrol station before the entire tyre flatten. Phew!

Wat a Bad Monday!


beyond said...

Respect lo! Changing tyre can still take pics.

Anonymous said...

Beyond - Haha! Addicted to it =P