Jul 22, 2008

Full Moon | Batman - The Dark Knight

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2day is my colleague's baby gal, Peyton's Full Moon and she bought us something.

Time really pass very fast, already 1 month past and she will be coming back to office another 1 more month.

Seriously this the 1st time I received full moon gift lor. Really look colourful, nice and yummy. Hahahha!

It going to be my dinner for 2nite.

Thank you so much to Celine! Heheh! I know u r reading this!

BTW last Saturday I watched Batman - The Dark Knight

I tell you this movie damn nice lor. The Joker role really awesome. The entire movie I can't really feel the Batman present maybe the Joker role acted very well in this movie.

The way he smile, he laugh, the story how he got the scars, the mind playing damn geng. Too bad this wonderful actor leaving us so early and missed the chance to c his how well played in this movie.

Rate 10/10. This is the most breathtaking movie of the year in superhero movie category.

Must watch! Warning must go to toilet 1st b4 the movie as the movie length is about 2 1/2 hours ++


Shiveeleaves said...

tallboyz!when is your turn!

Anonymous said...

Shiveleaves - OMG! All asking me this. Hahaha!