Jul 23, 2008

Morning till Dawn

Posted by Anonymous |

Question, how often did u dodge ur head up look at the sky?

Does u notice the nearest nature beauty tat we can easily found in our busy city was the sky?

Sky also has feeling like we do. Sometime it happy in blue accompany wit alot sheep, sometime it look sad n emo wit dark clouds n some tear drops.

Lately I have been staring at the sky, attracted wit the magnificent creation of Mother Nature.

I have played around with my camera’s phone. Set it to landscape n took some moments tat took place by time.

A shot took in the morning when I'm on my way to office. Alot sheeps floating on the sky.

Took this when I'm on my way to my customer's place for service.

This was took about 6.30pm while I'm on my for dinner with my gf.


Really magical and beautiful. So from today onward do free to view the sky and appreciate them. Peace!


UncleJosh said...

n95 ROCKS~!
definitely a phone worth buying eh???

nicely captured...

Anonymous said...

UncleJosh - Yeah! N95 with Carl Zeiss rawks!!!!!! TQ!

e s t a n c u s said...

wah... all thhis by camphone ah? pui fook pui fook.. ahah!

dam nice sia! :-D

looks like i gtg upgrade my nok 3360. lol.

Anonymous said...

Estancus - Hehe! Thanks! =) I used to have 3360, nice phone tho.

iCalvyn said...

the picture quality seen to be great, can't believe is from N95

Anonymous said...

icalyvn - N95 rawks! =)