Jul 29, 2008

Durian Orchard Visit

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Eat durian? I do eat a lot. Picking our own durians in durian orchard? Never experience ler? Hehehe!

Last Saturday went to Ulu Yam with my colleagues and my girl fren, visiting one of my colleague’s grandpas’ durian orchards. Thanks to Robert and his grandpa for the tour and treating us not only durians and rambutans and also breakfast and lunch. OMG! Really paiseh, eat and take somemore.

Meet Robert and his grandpa in the morning and then gather up with Bernard at Gombak for breakfast. After that we head to Ulu Yam.

Was expecting to pick a lot durians but when we reached there most of the durians was already taken by some outsiders. We only manage to pick 3-4 durians only *sad* FYI this orchard was not guard nor maintained, its wild treated.

Beside durian there’s also got cempedak, manggis and rambutan. cempedak and anggis was not ripe so cannot pluck to eat but the rambutan look ready to eat.

The only problem is it grew damn high, way high that we barely can reach. Then Robert’s grandpa decides to cut off one of branches of rambutan tree that hold a lot rambutan. I was like OMG, need meh?

In the end grandpa brought an axe and saw. So we start chops and sawing the tree. While chopping the tree we received a big welcome by a lot big ants, I mean really big and it stung really painful lor.

A very good experience I would say, I have never climbed on tree nor chopping off any tree.

Photos below were taken by Bernard’s Nikon D50.

Added some balloons conversation to have it look Siao and look stupid. Hahaha!

Small Knife Cut Big Tree.

Brother! plz lar lost some weight.

Can guess how old is he? 76! He look damn strong and doesn't look like 76.

Too high jor.

Robert, Robert's grandpa, Bernard, Yoke Yee and Me.

We can open stall sell Rambutan now.

That all for now. =)


EVo said...

Ehh..damn happening la. i never went to fruit orchard in my life before!

My grandparents in Butterworth la..even if got orchard also i won't go so far la..keke.

Like ur captions dude.hehe.

e s t a n c u s said...

huyoh.. which dusun you all go terrorize...? until break the ladder sumore.. wakaka...

luckily its just the first step.. if it were higher abit, you wud have landed on the durians you collected below. lol.

but dam fun adventure in orchards lar..minus the mosqis, of course.


Anonymous said...

Evo - Once a while ok lar! Thank you. =)

Estancus - Haha! My fren's grandpa in Ulu Yam. That fella too heavy liao =P

Yeah! The mosquitos damn annonying.