Jul 14, 2008

I Love Saturday

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I was suppose to update my blog few days ago, due to my loaded job..... sigh I'm so sorry.

Yes! I believe most of you love Saturday very much except boss.

Last Saturday I went for a movie with my dear at 1 Utama and watched Hellboyz II The Golden Army.

The story is a bit simple and uninteresting, The just some added a few weirdo costumes in the scenes. Got a bit feel like watching MIB "Men In Black" the alien thingy.

Overall was so so only.

Rate 6/10.

Beside that I had brunch with my dear at Vietnam Kitchen, 1U.

The foods there not bad and not over priced, u know lar price increase everything also increased. Hahaha! Kiam Siap Gui.

Actually i been to Vietnam b4 and tried out one for their's famous food "Beef Noodles"

I tell you, none of the restaurant in Malaysia can beat the beef noodles that I tried in Vietnam, even this Vietnam Kitchen also kalah jauh jauh. Hahaha!

As for dinner, me and my dear makan at Food & Tea Restaurant nearby Leisure Mall, same branch at Times Square.

The Baked Cheese Rice is way better than Kim Gary, Wong Kok and Tsim Tung. Hehehe. Fan of cheessseeeee.

The Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish also damn nice.

Next update. My friend's sister registration.


ahlost said...

The food looks so nice !!!

Regret I come here at this hour.. SHO HUNGRY !!

Anonymous said...

ahlost - Haha! Haven't had ur dinner meh?

Raymond said...

aiks, went to makan vietnam food but didnt try their vietnamese coffee? If you like coffee its a must try...and they will give u a filter thingy and all that...looks good too for your blog ahaha...great blog btw!

Shiveeleaves said...

waa,claypot chicken rice,my favourite.

anyway,wish your friend all the best la,when is going to be your turn? :P

KOKahKOK said...

sure better than kim gary bo...i though kim gary the best for baked rice....btw..hungry now~ oppps

Anonymous said...

Raymond - Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Izit? Not fans of coffee but I like starbuck =P TQ! =)
Shiveeleaves - Oh! =)
KOKahKOK - The cheese is nicer than Kim Gary.

hp84 said...

I also heard not so encouraging review of Hellboy2. The movie is very lengthy.
So, I don't plan to watch it. HeHe..
But i definitely want to try Vietnam Kitchen.

Anonymous said...

HP84 - Yalo! Not very nice! The vietnam kitchen not bad yet not pricey.