Jul 11, 2008

Euphoria Ministry Of Sound

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Last Saturday went to Euphoria at Sunway. Euphoria is a new place for clubbing that opened recently on 2nd of July my b'day date.

It has been like 2-3 years I didn't go to clubbing. My earliest way of thinking bout clubbing was it’s an activity for those filthy rich people who like waste their sleeping time to mingle around with frens and courting chicks. Beside that it is a place for some peoples to drinks with the purpose of tantalize their sorrow souls.

These time I rather enjoy dancing and sweating on the stage with my gf and not forget my fellow buddies.

It can be a good exercise for those workaholic businessman who live in the city that barely have the time to workout.

Here some photos taken and a rollercoaster video in the club.

*Sorry for the low quality of the image, all photos were taken by camera phone.

Me and my dear. =)

Ronan, Andy and me.

Some others gang that I met at Euphoria. Sweet and frenly guys.

Present you my Roller Coaster video.

Warrning! I used the wrong setting of the video thus you will feel abit dizzy watching the clip but you should have a look, quite interesting lor.

Euphoria Ministry of Sound from Joshua on Vimeo.


Shiveeleaves said...

ahh,eurphoria,i want to go too!
always wanted to go there hang out but didnt.must go next time.

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - The enviroment is nice but a bit pricey.