Jul 3, 2008

My B'day@Jogoya

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Yes! The mystery place that my dear took me to was Jogoya, Starhill.

Heard bout it from fren and read thru blog but had never dine in b4 coz very expensive ler

This wat we had took.

and more......

There's alot more foods I didn't try but my stomach already waved white flag to surrender.

we also had some dessert......

After that we had cocktail/mocktail. Hehehe! My dear really char! One glup, she KO-ed =P

Nothing much to shout about bout theirs food, just a normal buffet restaurant. A bit better than Shogun. Mayb I expected too much by their's price tag.

Not the least, taking photos of ourselves.

Serious abit.

Then siao! That is our tongues not Sashimi. =P

Beside the wonderful dinner, my dear also bought me a present.

I was like......... OMG! U shouldn't.

I had a delighted+enchanted+wonderful+magnificent+astonishing+wonderful b'day celebration with my dear. Hehehe! I felt so blessed to have such a thoughtful gf.

Thank you dear! I LOVE YOU and I will always do.

You guys must be curious what is inside the box? Hehehe! Try and guess! Will revealed on my next update. =)


bearlim said...

what is that leh? so big size wor! toy mock-up?

Catherine said...

hey...jogoya nice ler....

i wan also....haha~~~

beyond said...

Nikon D300?

beyond said...
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Shiveeleaves said...

waaa,jogoya nice place to be.

yeah yea,is it d300?

Anonymous said...

Bearlim - Up next! =P
Catherine - Yeah! Go with ur hubby!
Beyond - How I wish! Hahha
Shiveeleaves - It's a nice place indeed! Siao meh! D300. =P