Jul 2, 2008

What all about 23?

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What all about the number 23?

Hehehe! Actually 2day is my birthday, my 23 birthday.

Some people asked me, you really 23? but you look much older wor?
OMG! I really look tat old meh?

Nothing much to shout out for 2day. I'm still working as usual and 2nite will have dinner with my dear.

2nite she will bring me to somewhere for dinner but she remained silent where to go. Damn kanjiong!

Actually last Saturday I already had a birthday celebrated in advance with few of my fren nearby my house, Cahaya.

We had seafood that nite and right after the dinner we went for movie at Mid Valley.

It's a Thai restaurant that lately appeared on TV show Ho Chak! This restaurant located nearby STAR LRT Cahaya.

Here we got Andy and Mun Lay.


Me and Yoke Yee.

This what we had ordered. There's one more crab haven't came.

80% of the foods are spicy. OMG! That killing me! Hahahha! But it taste good lar.

This restaurant damn packed with peoples. Really "Human Hill, Human Sea"

After that we head to Mid Valley for movie and had my 1st B'day's cake cut.

See! Got Tallboyz on it! Hehehehehehe!

Thanks to all! =)


bearlim said...

huh? is it? i thought you are same age or even younger than me XD
anyway, Happy birthday!!! :)

wee_KIM_hock~黄金福 said...

tai ko zai jor...

wish u a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

Shiveeleaves said...

hey tallboyz!
happy belated birthday!
grow taller more more,ok? :P

Catherine said...


happy birthday to you...although is 1 hour late....

wishing you all the best ya!!!!

gif u kisses here...MUACKS MUACKS...but dun let ur gal gal know wor...:P


Anonymous said...

Bearlim - Hehehe! TQ!
WeeKimHock - =P Thanks man!
Shiveeleaves - Thank you! Taller? Dun wan ler, I'm over height jor.
Catherine - TQVM! She read my blog geh wor. I'm a dead meat now. Hahahha