Feb 8, 2009

Fortune? Maybe not!

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2day ago I received a call from Mix FM during my lunch time. Early I was thought it was my fren as he pronounced my full name.

MixFM : Hello! is this Mr. Wong..............?
Me : Dickson izit? (u know lar I like do like that with my office number caling my fren)
MixFM : No! I'm William from MixFM.
Me : Dun play lar! I recognised your voice (Seriously, his voice is like my fren tho)
MixFM : I'm William from MixFM, did you participate in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in a sms contest?

I was stuned! I did participated and it was like last week ago. I listened to MixFm and overheard the contest and tried out my luck and sms-ed in the answer.

Me : Oops! I'm sorry. Yes! I did.
MixFM : Congratulate, you have won 4 movie ticket passes to watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" on 10th of Feb at Mid Valley 9.15pm.

OMFG! I was very happy and almost chocked with tofu that I'm having, then.......... I recalled! I'll be in Langkawi from 9th to 11th of Feb. Sad face come out.

Me : William, I'm so sorry I can't make it as I will be outstation that day.
MixFM : Oh.... that the case, is ok then. Next time do participate again.
Me : Thank you.
MixFM : Good bye
Me : Bye *with sad voice

Yeah! I'll be going to Langkawi with my gf 2moro. Will be flying with Air Asia. Got ourself a very value for money package, RM264 for 2 pax included flight to Langkawi (2 ways) and an accomodation for 3 days 2 nites.

I miss the bitch beach, the sunrise, the cheap chocolates and liquors!!!! Hahaha!

Won't be able to update and reply comments on my blog. Will update my blog with more photos of my Langkawi trip. Stay tune!


Jos~h Chuah said...

i prefer go to langkawi then !!

Louis Ng said...

Luck come & go. Pity. But YEAH...Langkawi IT IS!...so many nice bitches...ops!...beaches there...lol...

vialentino said...

enjoy ur langkawi trip!

Anonymous said...

Josh Chuah - =P
LouisNg - Yeah! Beaches!!! =P
Vialentino - Just back! =)

HitoMi^^ said...

Great!! it is real cheap man!! I wanna go LANGKAWI too!!

Hee...so Nice ada MOvie tickets!!

Anonymous said...

Hitomi - Now AirAsia got 0 fare again. Go n check it out!