Feb 4, 2009

January Movies

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All Well End Well 2009

Every year Chinese entertainment never fails to come a Chinese movie meant for the big celebration of Chinese New Year.

As for this year they have come out with All Well End Well 2009 starring by the familiar ex-cast of the previous All Well End Well like Sandra Ng and Raymond Wong with some new casts like Ronald Cheng and Louis Koo.

I watched this movie on the 1st day of Chinese New Year with my gf and her families.

A very hilarious movie although is abit lame, but who care? It’s Chinese New Year, we should smile and carry the happy mood.

Rate 8/10

Ink Heart

The second movie that I have watched was Ink Heart.

This movie is about a man that has a gift of realities whatever storybook he read out loud and he didn't realize till he lost his wife by accidently traded out the characters in the storybook, Ink Heart. Starring Brendan Fraser , Eliza Bennett, Andy Serkis, Paul Bettany and more.

An adventures movie I would say. The movie is better that I expected from the trailer.

Rate 9/10 must watch movie.

Red Cliff 2

Didn’t really intent to watch this till few of my frens swayed my thought about this movie.

This movie is based on historical records of “The Chronicles of The Three Kingdoms”  or better known as “Sam Kwok Chi” in the early century.

The war battles and techniques really amazed me.

Funny part that I found in this movie is, they like to talk very very very close, like they almost gonna kiss each other or they are trying to smell each other breath. Really siao lor!  

Rate 9/10 must watch movie also.

A lot great movie on January. Now I'm waiting for Ong Bak 2 starring by Tony Jaa.


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

they always release those festival movies during cny. quite stupid some of them =P

Anonymous said...

irvine - Tat's the point of having the movie. To be Siao on CNY :P