Feb 4, 2009

Siao Potluck 2008

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OMG! Last year post! I have pending alot outdated posts.

On the 31st of Dec 2008, I was invited to attend the Siao gang Potluck organised at Jacklyn's house.

Only Siao ppl can attend. Reached there quit late, thanks to jam blaming the jam but then I'm not the last person to reach. Here the early group shot with foods.

Then ler, Ryan and Bert joined in. Here is the complete Siao gang. Tanjung Rambutan Bus was parked outside waiting us.

YY, Me, Kate, Hikaru, Adrian, Ryan, Jed, Junn, Jacklyn's sister, Jacklyn, pOp, Chun Wei, Lorraine and Jen.

A cake prepared by Adrian courtesy Cake Indigo.


Fireworks started around the neighbourhood and manage to capture a video.

Siao Potluck - Fireworks from Joshua on Vimeo.

Then we had 2 games "Musical Chairs" and "Who Eat Wasabi"

Musical Chairs

Siao Potluck 2008 - Musical Chair from Joshua on Vimeo.

Who Eat Wasabi.

Siao Potluck 2008 - Who Eat Wasabi from Joshua on Vimeo.

For "Who Eat Wasabi" divided to 2 group. There's 5 rounds and each round will win RM10 sponsor by Jacklyn's dad.

2 Teams played very well and reached to a tie. 2 VS 2.

Final Group A won. BTW where's the money?????

Next gonna be related with CNY and foodssssssss.