Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Everyone

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14th! Wat a day for me. 14th of Feb 2009 is a big day for every couples and also it is my 1st year anniversary with my gf. Total of 365 sweet days together.

We do laugh together, being sad together and also create arguement over something small. It doesn't mean any harm but then it is the way we showing our care and love of each other.

Dear I'm sorry if I have made you sad and unhappy. I promise you I will treasure more whenever I can.

Happy Valentine!

For couples out there. Happy Valentine! and for those who are single, no worry you will find your other half very soon. Everyone are deserved of love and care. Do care your surrounded frens maybe the fren next to you would be your other half.


TINTIN said...

Wow, congratulations!!! Treasure the time you both have together ya!

Anonymous said...

TINTIN - Thank you =)

Liang Mui said...

hehe.. happy belated valentines.. sorry for the late wishes ya :D

Anonymous said...

Liang Mui - Tengkiu =) same to u

FionneLoi said...

Wah... so sweet wo.. even my bf also did do tat.. hehe