Feb 16, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 1

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Now I'm gonna post my visit to Pulau Langkawi.

Woke up damn early tat day. My flight was 8.20am and must be reached to LCCT in advance of 2 hours.

We reached there quite early, then went to the flight schedule board to see can check in or not.

Then I saw this.

OMG! How come got no P.Langkawi geh? How come got a place name Tallboyz? State? Country? XD

Snapped this while I'm in the waiting area. Outside look very cozy.

Reached to Pulau Langkawi safely around 9.20am. It about an hour flight from KL to P. Langkawi.

Once we reached there, I rented a car with animal logo "red horse" Ferrari? a SLK actually (Small Little Kancil) for town visiting.

I'm still good with manual car tho. Over take alot of car there XD.

It was still early for us to check in thus we head for breakfast nearby our hotel. Came here before with a bunch of Siao gang like a year plus ago. link

Ordered these. The foods there not bad and ain't that expensive.

We stayed nearby at Cenang beach and this is the nearest beach to our hotel. Nice mou?

More photos with my visit to P. Langkawi. Stay tune!


Jos~h Chuah said...

although Langkawi near my hometown but never been there before -.-ll

The scenery there so beautiful ler ^^

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Never been to Langkawi ler.. :(

Quah said...

HAHAHA I just came back from there too :P

Anonymous said...

Josh~h Chuah - Huh! Kedah? That near also dun wan to go ah? Dun like chocolate? lolz
Miao - Serious? Let plan to visit langkawi.
Quah - Wahseh, got bought alot chocolates and liquor?