Feb 18, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 3

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As promised, bring you to a restaurant that highly recommended for fresh, cheap and reasonable seafoods.

Wonderland Food Store. Located in Kuah town, across Bella Vista Hotel.

Alot tourist come over for dinner and even the local dine in here. When we reached, few tables were already reserved and that is the only restaurant crowded with people.

They have all the price fixed by size so they wouldn't afraid got cons with high price.

2nite in a row I had dinner here.

Here are some dishes that I tried.

This is the most recommended dish you wouldn't wan to miss. RM14 per 100g. 1 is about 200g so it's good enough for 2 person unless you crave for more. XD

Ordered Kam Heung, but doesn't taste like it, mayb their's style. RM8 only as we ordered small.

Flower crabs or known as Fah Hai in cantonese. RM8 per crab. Not very tasty as the sauce so so but then the crab is fresh.

My gf love this very much, had 2 times in 2 night. XD

More Langkawi photos next. Stay tune!


Liang Mui said...

omg!! ur pics makes me so hungry.. saliva keep on dripping out from my mouth.

Hon Mun said...

Im back! thank you for reckon me Wonderland restaurant.. really nice n cheap food! worth worth!.. =)

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

gosh hungry jor.. by looking at those food photos..

feel like eating the fried squid the most xD

Liang Mui said...

jus saw ur msg at my chat box.. sorry ya.. hv to reply over here cos i think i got problems to leave a msg at ur chat box.

i saw the tuesday's deal at marche!! rm50++ buffet style.. veli good but the prob is i cant take tat much.. so not worth for me. if u n my huby, sure worth the price lar.. eat as much as u can rtie?

Anonymous said...

Liang Mui - Hehehe! Get urself some tissue lor. XD Yeah! Good for those eat alot and won't gain weight like me. =P.

Hon Mun - =) Welcome bro!

Miao - Hehehe! Jom jalan jalan cari makan! =)

Liang Mui said...

yea.. jealous.. and yet can grow taller.. hehe.. i wanna grow taller oso kenot instead growing wider!!

Andrew said...

gosh... i dun really remember the last time i went there... still damn young.. haha

ahlost said...

Wahh.. why torture me with this foodz at this hour?? *grok grok*

Anonymous said...

Liang Mui - If I kept grow taller, I'm gonna be a monster liao. Taller than ziraffe jor. XD

Andrew - When u going there again?

ahlost - =P