Feb 17, 2009

Pulau Langkawi Visit Part 2

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After dropped by at the beach, we thought of driving around, visiting some places.

We didn't really have any plan or schedule, we just drive and stop for visit.

The 1st destination was "Beras Bakar" or known as burnt rice. Was thought of the place producing black colour rice or something.

Actually it was a historical place whereby the past time war where the intruder going to take over the place and the local failed to fight back thus they burnt all of the rice so they would not have any more vital foods like rice.

Then we reached to Petronas Quay, a big parking for those million dollars worth boats there.

After that we passed by Teluk Yu, the view was very nice. Hardly to find such clean and unpolluted seasore in Langkawi.

The water are clear and clean.

Hehehe! My dear posing.

The panorama view I took on Teluk Yu.

After that we head back to our hotel.

Nadias Inn, here where we stayed.

Da room we stay. Nice, clean, cozy and very GREEN. BTW green is good for eye. XD

Next, I will bring u guys to a place for nice and cheap seafoods in Langkawi. Stay tune!


desmond-t said...

Wah, Nadias Inn looks quite decent... the last time I been there got consider of staying there too...

If it's long for you not to been to Pulau Ketam, it's also long for me since I last went to Langkawi! hehehe!

Cheers and have a great day!

breadpitt said...

hey , thanks for dropping by buddy....gosh , another xpress 5800 kaki....the most expensive phone i ever get....im not a gadget freak also attracted...lol!

Anonymous said...

Desmond - If going there again, I wouldn't stay in Nadias liao, the beach is across a road. I would suggest Mali Best. =)

Breadpitt - =) 5800 rawks!

teefernee. said...

is Nadias Inn along Chenang?