Jan 31, 2010

Case 39

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Finally watched Case 39. Been hearing some good feedback bout this movie and finally got the chance to watched as well added in my 2010 wishlist "Watch 100 movies in 2010"

Case 39 is a horror movie about a social worker (Emily Jenkins) who rescued a girl (Lilith) who almost got killed by her own's parent and the parents claimed Lilith is a demon.

I found the movie has a little like Orphan and The Ring.

Rate 7/10 A lot unpredictable things happened but the ending part a bit "Too Rush"


Lulu said...

Like ur wishlist~ :) I used to set this target back to Year 2005, failed with 80 plus only.

emm....clarify,the movies watched in cinema ONLY right?

Anonymous said...

Of course watched in cinema. Wah! U broke my record eh, last year I manage to watch 71 movies only. Hahhaha