Jan 22, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Posted by Joshua |

Warning! This gonna be a quite Long post as you read from the title.

As you can see here my nickname in blogsphere is Tallboyz. Yes, I do consider tall as in Asian countries. Sometimes it’s quite hectic for a long legged people like me to buy pant.

As you can see here;

I’m quite tall and these pants are not long enough for me. I would always Like It Longer so I would look more fashionable.

There are a lot more reasons Why I Like It Longer;

I own a sedan car that could only occupy 5 or maybe 6 peoples and that’s the max in the car.

What if my sedan car transformed to a Longer limousine so that I can fetch a lot more girl friends & family members for a ride. It made me more versatile.

*credit to BOKM for the human tripod help*

Beside that I would always wanted to have a Longer Name

Why? Don’t you feel is cool to have longer name? It’s just the same like the name Ke$ha (a dollar sign in her name made her look cooler)

Never underestimate my eating intake with my body that dip in oil also won't fat. If you are close to me, you should have know I ate a lot. I can finish a big Pan Pizza all by myself.

During dinner, if the dishes are nice I can have 4 bowls of rice. Dun play play, next time invite me over to your house for dinner, remember to cook more rice. lol!

Everytime I had burger I would always imagine how I wish the burger can be Longer to fulfill my hunger.

Spending is easy, saving is hard. I would always wanted to see my saving account to have Longer digits number. Who don’t? Even the multimillionaire Bill Gate also want to earn more money.

I'm a chocolate freak, seriously! I love chocolate very much till I can be a thief because of chocolate.

There was a time in a mid night, I sneaked into the kitchen fridge and finish off the entire chocolates that have bought by my sister. The next morning my sister asked who took her chocolate and I did not admit until my sister saw some chocolate's stain left over on my face. Kantoi! lol!

I could do anything for a bite of chocolate and I may get crazy if my chocolate got longer

Oh ya! About Chocolate. LG has come out with new phone which are LONGER than the ordinary phone. LG Chocolate BL40. It's a designer phone that every Supermodel wanted to have. It has a lot similarity of a Supermodel that look seductive, glossy, sleek and thin. World-renowned fashion magazine like vogue, GQ, ELLE and Esquire have unanimously proclaimed the new LG Chocolate phone as a breathtaking sleek supermodel.

This LG new Chocolate features;
4" vivid yet sharp widescreen with 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display (345 x 800 px)
Superb 5.0 Mega Pixel Auto Focus camera with Super bright LED Flash
Fully Capacitive Touch Screen with Multi-touch input and  S-Class Touch UI.
Outstanding Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement.
Scratch Resistant Surface.
A-GPS, WiFi, FM Radio, HSDPA.
and way Longer list
This Sexy, Stylish and Versatile LG Chocolate is Longer that have made me fallen deeply......very deep..... seriously, it's damn deep...... harlo* with echo*oooo in LOVE.

My Life's Good because I like everything in Longer including this LG Chocolate BL40.


yienyien said...

hahahahaha!!!! so cute wei!!

i wan everything to be longer too!!!

Hon Mun said...

Nice post bro! i can't stop laughing at ur limousine and the burger... nice weh! XD

Sabrina - Ratianda Blog Editor said...

Oh man! I love it!! Great job!

Edwin T said...

definitely i want a longer and more digits in my bank account! wuahaha

Jane said...

ahha great post. I kena K.O already. And hi!

Multi Leader Young said...

wow...nice!!!good luck ^^

Jack Ng said...

wow ....... great blog !!! sure u will win it . ;)

jfook said...

I think you gonna win it dude.

TZ said...

so you wanna everything that you owned longer eh~

Bernard said...

You should consider changing your name to "Longboyz" instead ;)


atreyu strange said...

Great post dude! A bit jealous oso coz I haven't start writing on this contest and here is one TOUGH competitor! Dang!

KOKahKOK said...

longer? sure u wan longer :P lol

bro, i have the same T as u leh

Nikel Khor said...

is funny blog here...gud luck

from Nikel Khor

xox `Lyng` xox said...

wow! nice one. man you might win it! :)

Cayenne said...

hahhaa so funny! ur first reason is the one i planned to write also. haha. consider tall in malaysia la. XD. good luck to u. check out mine next next week. lolx =.=

Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

NICE...share with me ur long burger..hahaha

melissyjn said...

Laughing longerrrr than usual. xD

Love this post! All the best!

Himmat Singh said...

Amazing post...think you definitely are in with a chance to win. Cheers :)

Reiko said...

your ic number ends in 8 ar? Even numbers are for female. LOL!

Btw, funny post, Good luck! :D

yae-ber said...


CWKen said...

eh lanjiau u wan longer anot? LOL

a@ron said...

hahaha awesome post!

I had a great time reading this!

Marco said...

Very interesting.
You have a creative mind.
Good luck!

Rara said...

goodluckkkkkkk :DDD

mR.hoho said...

very2 creative n nice..
good luck weh

ViaN said...

omg.. creative~
I like the IC part :)

syam said...

hah....lovely idea :)

Victor Tan said...

Heyyy :) Your IC card that picture reminded me of the new Proton Saga ad. haha...btw, check my contest post as well xD

fresh said...

hahahaha wtf whose pants did you steal for that?

awesomesauce post lah :D

Liyanaa. said...

whahahah so funny and creative entry u maaa. sangat funny sampai i rasa nak gelak tengok prosperty burger pun jadi panjang wtfreak T_____________T

btw gudluck :DD

Rara said...

i nak u menang tau. dont give orang lain chance. sebab this in the best best entry laaa! :DD

Joshua said...

yienyien - Let's have everything longer!!! Hehhe

Hon Mun - Thanks eh!

Sabrina - Thank you!

Edwin - Who don't? Unless he/she is crazy.

Jane - KO?? TQ!


Jack Ng & jfook - Praying hard now!

TZ - Yeah! I wan that longer phone of LG tim. lol!

Bernard - It doesn't sound nice.

atreyu - My blogpost was so so only, other done better than mine.

KOKahKOK - Ya wor! Let's wear the same T together

Nikel - Thanks

Lyng - Hope so! =) Thank you

Cayenne - Can't wait to check out your's =)

Nicole - I wan the entire burger ler, mayb I buy u one! Hehehe

melissyjn - Thank you, so did you laugh till u fall from you chair? lol!

Himmat Singh - Thank man! Appreciate that.

Reiko - Chinese ma! I wan huat! lol

yae-ber - TQ

CWKen - -.-"

a@ron - Great to hear you like my blogpost =)

Marco - Thank you!

Rara - I feel so pressure now! muakkaka!

mr hoho - Arigato

vian - I wan the IC to be real. Heheh

syam - Terima Kasih

Victor Tan - Which ads?

fresh - lol! Photoshop one eh!

Liyanna - Hahha! It's actually an enhanced Big Mac. =) Thank you for liking it!

vin_ann said...

woot... im likes ur post!

Agnes Sim said...

wow..u are so creative le. Hope u won the prize. :p

taufulou said...

hahahhaha...then you should change to longboyz liau..instead of tallboyz..:p

Joshua said...

vin ann - Thanks for liking my blogpost =)

Agnes - Thanks wor! Crossing finger & praying hard now. Heheeh

BOK - Hahhaa! I wan tall and long can?

clive said...

creative ads man :D

F I T said...

wah so crative lah..You win this contest at all.. congratulations man! :D

- Shy Guy -

Elyn tintin said...

U wonnnnn this LG Chocolate phone!

ahlost said...

Why I missed out reading this post *LOL*

Congratulations for winning the phone.. you definitely deserved it..

Love your entry ;)

Yih Yann said...

Congrates..your blog post is very creative

Hoong Lyn said...

Gratz for being the winner!

Reflisia said...

hye, congrate being a winner of LG Chocolate with superb n creative entry!

araleling said...

Congratz on winning :)

Sholee said...

congrats! totally creative and funny!

Alice Phua said...

Congratulations for winning! Creative and entertaining post! :-)

kakchik said...

congrats joshua!

unlisted_one said...

that's cool..no wonder lah u can win!


yus said...



Baby said...

i wish my bank account has longer RM digits too

HitoMi Ng said...

Congratulation!! another phone won by you liao...i stand no chance when you also competing LOL

hudaomar said...

congrats..nway.great job..

Joshua said...

Thank you to all of you for loving my blogpost and compliment. U guys made me blush.

Again! Thank you to Nuffnang and LG Malaysia.

♥CIK SHA♥ said...

u r so creative..nice post n u really worth it..


LG CHOC 4u..(^_^)

Satkuru said...

hahaha good one ! and you definitely deserve to win the phone :D

congrats ! :)

Jinwei said...

Awesome post! ;D You must used lots of effort it in! Deserve the phone ;D Congrats yea!