Oct 23, 2009

Broga Hill

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Finally I've went to Broga Hill. It's has been awhile I wanted to go and the plan was always failed or something others thing interrupted.

Actually this outing was a very last minute invites by Ronan, whereas he actually dated me and YY less than 8 hours before departure. Without hesitation we've agreed and to meet up at Ronan's house at 4.30am. Eager and jakun to go ma.

For those who don't know where is Broga Hill, Broga Hill actually located at Semenyih next to Nottingham University. It about 30-45min travel from KL to the destination.

We reached there around 6am and the sky were still dark. Attention! First time, remember to bring alot a torch light as the surrounding is very dark although you can see a bunch of peoples walking toward the hill but then the path is uneven and rocky.

While we walked climbed half way we a super clear night view with alot I mean really alot stars like you see on TV. Damn nice I tell you,but then I did not manage to took any photos as the hill was jammed with alot peoples. Yeah! You hear me right, it's JAM with humans!!!

There are some peoples walked half way... not even half way I would say, rested at the side. They look like super exhausted and I did also heard a guy talked to his gf said that he can't go anymore, why don't we wait till the sunrise then we head back. I was like, serious? it's not even half way and it's not climbing, it's just walking.

It took about 40-60 minutes to reach to the hill and the sky started to shined up with the sun when we reached there. The timing was just right.

The morning view is simply breathtaking.

I didn't wasted any time, I set up my tripod, remote ready and we take group photo.

Here the gang who came together.

Those side peoples damn kacau lar!

me and YY took a photo with the almost sunrise as background.

Ok! I look so fugly didn't comb my hair and dresses like ah beng. Please just ignore me!

The sun was up and the flare attracted my attention. Took alot photos with the flare as the effect and this is the one that I love the most.

Doesn't it look like an ads? Sunglasses ads? Attire ads?

The cousin. Does it look like an album cover of a group band? lol

Didn't miss to shoot panorama view from the hill.

*click the photo for larger view*

Nice ma? Hahaha! Tak tahu malu.

The weather was super nice, the sky were super blue.

Traffic Report! Federal Highway toward PJ seem clear, Penang Bridge were also clear, Maluri toward Kampung Pandan look smooth but Broga Hill was super jam.
The path was so small and there were only one way to go up and also to go down.

Broga Hill was too commercial now, seem that everyone would wants to pay a visit during the weekend. Maybe becoz it's near to the busy city and the hill was easy to climb. No doubt the scenery and air is very good. Oops did the people in front of me farted while I go up or down? lol

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Edwin T said...

Fuh! Finally you made your way there. Congratulations! haha~

Broga Hill is really beautiful, isn't it? But where are the photos of the thatch?

P.S. Got the chance to be the first to comment this time. What an honour. :)

Calvin.L said...

hate u! didnt invite me! sad lo T_T

btw, thumb up for ur photo!
9s work!

info said...

Nice photo! & I hope you the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81317897674

foongpc said...

Nice photos! I haven't been there before! : )

HitoMi^^ said...

I like the final 3 photos!! haha, I wanted to go but then stil have not got the chance to go

Joshua said...

Edwin - Hahahah! The view is nicer than the thatch. =P

Calvin.L - lol! Got poison for D-SLR mou?

info - Wow! Sure will dropby

foongpc - Must go when u r free!

Hitomi - Ain't far mah! U tag bloggers go lar!

curryegg said...

Such a beautiful place. Love those scenery shoots.. ;)

Joshua said...

curryegg - U should go! Ain't far from KL! Tengkiu!

Jeffro said...

seriously i love this pictures taken.. :D hehe.. the blue sky especially... I need a dslr... :(

Joshua said...

Jeffro - Thanks man! It's time for u to get a D-SLR. lolz!

ielamorry said...

wow~ really nice photos u got there ;B

thumbs up! heheh. ;D