Oct 16, 2009

Xberry Party Rocks!

Posted by Joshua |

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to get myself an invite to attend XBerry Party at Republic, Sunway Pyramid for their's launch of Blackberry Curve 8520. Special thanks to Nuffnang and Celcom Xpax.

The events was a big one and they have invited a lot cool local artists for performances such as Shawn Lee the Beatboxer, Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, DJ LapSap and also DJ Twilight Action Girl.

Crowds was formed with the attraction performances from our local artists.

Shawn Lee, Small Boy with Big Sounds beatboxing on the stage. All the crowds was stunned with his skill beatboxing like a machines guns. Salute!

Pow Pow Boom!

Next we have Joe Flizzow, the audience yelled for them for more. More X plzzzzzz!

Then Arabyrd performanced with her hot and sexy moves while singing.

The performance was continue with DJ Lapsap and DJ TAG. I moved myself to VVIP area for free flow drinks. Not a fans of alcohols, get myself pepsi and sky juice only.

Actually this is the 1st time I attended such big event from Nuffnang. I'm still green in the blogsphere, hardly meet or mingled around with the bloggers. On the event, I have finally meeting with bloggers that I may have know them by theirs' blogs and not in person.

Met Tian Chad and CWKen there.

Zach and Yung Chien. Zach finally we've talked met.

Mynjayz aka Jason. Seriously I really don't know how to pronounce your nick. lolz!

Derek Yap. The Best Ruumz Mate's winner yo! He's damn funny one.

Here's come the big group of handsome nuffies. You couldn't see me there right? coz I'm not handsome enough to join them. lolz!

FYI! I'm damn sux memories name. From the photo I only remember Bryan, Yung Chien, Nigel, CWKen, Mojosh, TianChad, Jeremy with his cool fish eye camera lens, Jackie Loi, Jason aka Mynjayz. I do really need to this more so I can remember all your guys's name. Paiseh!

Do you know BlackBerry has the most Celebrity used phone? like Paris Hilton, John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and even Justin Timberlake. Check out HERE!
It's just like a branded accessories for them to have. It's like Facebook, if you don't have Facebook? You are very outdated. Just an example of metafora.

Doesn't you feel glamour if you own one of the BlackBerry? Afraid the price tag is too much? No worry, now you can own a BlackBerry Curve smartphone 8520 at RM998 with a reload of RM50 at any Blue Cube  (No hidden clauses or upfront payment) This promo is only valid until 15th November 2009 and will be set back to RRP price which is RM1188.

Beside that, Xpax is the 1st telco service provider that to offer daily unlimited BlackBerry Prepaid Access at RM2.50.

It's offer 3 awesome BlackBerry Prepaid Access plans which are;
- BlackBerry Social RM1.00 Unlimited access per day on social media applications of Facebook and IM.
- BlackBerry Advance (2.5G) Unlimited access per day with net surfing, mail download, social media like Facebook and IM.
BlackBerry Advance (3.5G) Unlimited access per day with net surfing, mail download, social media like Facebook and IM with HSDPA connection.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone is the most trendy gadget that everyone would wanted to have, so do I. As you can see, social networking tools such as Facebook, Plurk, Flickr, IM and more that you can name it has growth drastically allowing people to connect and communicated with friends, family, your boss and your loved one with no boundaries. And now connectivity has become the main concern to stay connected.

With the best combination of BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone and Xpax Prepaid Access, connectivity is not a problem anymore. We can get connected to the net at anytime and anywhere with Xpax Prepaid Access plan. Beside that, WiFi are also available in this phone, internet access can be done seamlessly with location with WiFi access.

I would able to check and update my twitter and facebook anytime, access to my e mail and reply my e mail in ease manner with those comfortable QWERTY keys on the phone and the most important allowing me to stay update with the latest news and info.

Beside that, it supported up to 16GB of memory storage where I can store extremely alot musics, extremely alot photos and able to previewed it nicely on it 2.46" Transmisive TFT MCD screen.

This might be the coolest phone that I wish to have. Santa can I have one for Christmas prize? Pleassssssssss!

So what do you guys waiting for? Get ur's one now with FREE 1 week BlackBerry Prepaid Access & FREE Imported Skin for the BlackBerry before the promo end.


Kennee said...

Cools... so getting one urself too??? XD
Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads already... ^^

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Let santa come and find you =)

foongpc said...

Must be having a great time at the party, eh? I don't fancy Blackberry btw : )

HitoMi^^ said...

Whoa, do you get urself a CURVY black??

kenwooi said...

so cool.. haha..
i've never been to such party.. =P


Dylan Phuah said...

i want blackberry also~!

mybreakfastclub said...

hmm...counting on bb...hmmm $)

Joshua said...

Kennee - No money wor! Sad =(

TianChad - Praying hard for tat!

foongpc - Never try u never know

Hitomi - Mayb would if my pocket allowed.

kenwooi - come to KL lar! Alot events waiting for u.

Dylan - let's pray together.

mybreakfastclub - counting?

Edwin T said...

the guy at the left lower corner (in the group photo) is Bernard. he is my one batch senior in UKM. i think he is now a dentist. :)

Joshua said...

Edwin T - What a small world. =)