Oct 10, 2009

Garmin Taxi

Posted by Joshua |

Last week I send my car over to Toyota for a regular service, I have to leave it there and pick it up later in the evening.

So I've decided to get a cab and head back to office. It has been sometimes I did not take cab or any public transportation, do feel like a noob don't know where to get cab.

So I walked to a bus stop and flagged down one, the driver is a senior citizen at age 62. How do I know? I don't read face to know the age or either I have super power to know their's age. I just looked at the cab's driver information that have placed infront of the dashboard. lol!

The taxi driver asked me where you want to go? I said "Tropicana" He said "Ok"

I hopped on in and fasten my seatbelt, then I heard "Tit"... "Tit".... "Tit"... He was poking something.

Then I heard a sexy voice "Navigation Recalculate" "turn left in 50 meters". I moved my head forward a bit and I saw "Garmin nuvi" I was like..... OMG! Taxi now so canggih already. Got GPS ler!

I'm damn kepoh one, so we chats during the journey.

Me : Wah! Uncle got GPS ah? So hightech wor.
Uncle :  Ok lar! This GPS really handy. It can bring me anywhere although I didn't know the place exactly.

Thumbs up to this uncle!

Me : So do uncle surf internet?

Uncle starred at me  with the face that I look like an idiot..

Uncle : Internet? I got facebook, friendster and MSN. You got?

Silent pin drop with my jaw dropped. lol!

Me : Uncle very update with technology wor, nowadays a lot senior citizen don't like to learn computer they afraid the computer would electrocuted them.

We giggled and laughed

Uncle :  Ok lar! I love to use the internet for communication and also some reading of forums & blogs.
Me :  BLOG? I'm a blogger, would you be interested to read mine?
Uncle : Sure! Why not? What's your blog address?
Me : My blog ah, tallboyz.blogspot.com maybe you also can follow my Facebook NetworksBlog.
Uncle : Ok!

Reached to my office

Me : Seriously! You are the coolest taxi driver I even know, nice chatting with you.

Uncle smiled at me.

Ok lar! I made it up of the conversation but then this uncle really use the GPS to get locations.

GPS in taxi is not a new news, other countries has implemented to use GPS but then this uncle has took the initiative to make a better service to the customers by purchased the GPS device with his own pocket money. *Salute*

Probably soon our country would have all taxi GPS enable. 1GPS 1Malaysia

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Happy Weekend everyone!


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

With Garmin they will have more money to earn. It is a good investment~!

Calvin.L said...

lol! salute to GPS! salute to uncle! hahahahaha!

Joshu@law said...

haha..nowadays quite a lot ppls use GPS edi...even last time my friend also used mobile GPS when we got lost in somewhere..lol~ Indeed very useful. ;)

vialentino said...

wah...taxi also use garmin...so canggih in msia....in fact very outdated liow in msia taxi to use gps navigator...

Mabel Low said...

You should come to my house and take a look at my dad's work place. He has 2desktops, 2laptops and a tablet. All more canggih than mine can!! >:O
Don't play play. XD

mybreakfastclub said...

o my god...the uncle soooo advaceee.....i don hv facebook worr...hahaha

Ewin Ee said...

woahh gps in taxi!
i want one tooo

Joshua said...

Tian Chad - Yeah! It's a good investment.

Calvin.L - Hehe! Stand still and salute!

Joshu@law - I'm using one too! =P

vialentino - Yalor, last time I go Sg also got use already.

Mabel Low - Ur dad is a tech geek? =P

mybreakfastclub - Serious?

Ewin - Get a Nokia 5800 I install Garmin for u. lol

mybreakfastclub said...

woopzzz!! zhen de la.....wo mei you fb,fs, myspace.... wo you blog he ruumz er yi.... huhuhu

o man...your blog valuation is $30,870....woah!!!! if in RM kaya oooo...hik3!!!!

ps:tnx link my blog :)

Dylan Phuah said...

but sometimes its quite scary when there's gps in taxis.

its like they dont know where they are going and they seem to take you on a longer road.

cc got traffic jam. yikes!

Joshua said...

mybreakfastclub - If can get that amount of money, I will sell it now. lol

Dylan - True also wor!