Oct 2, 2009

Sorority Row

Posted by Joshua |

Just back watching Sorority Row at e@Curve with Rames, Jennihsurf & Chandler.

Everything started with a stupid prank joke. Then the guessing & killing took place.

This movie is a like a combination of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" + "Friday The 13th" + "Final Destination". OMG! Doesn't it sound kanjiong?

Rate 8/10 extra marks is for the hot chicks. lol!

BTW 2day is Friday. Woots! I love Friday can? Don't you?

p/s thanks guys for the ticket!


Danny Ooi said...

Aiya, I only feel happy when it is saturday. I need to work on saturday, half day! ish ish ish.

Dylan Phuah said...

oo any movie with hot chicks inside is worth the watch!

kenwooi said...

sorority row??
how come i never heard of it wan.. lol.. =P


Joshua said...

Danny Ooi - Sad!

Dylan Phuah - Hahaha! Truth geh!

kenwooi - Mayb becoz too new gua!

Copykate said...

i just watched it today! so brutal. eeks. my friend screamed really loud in the cinema. wtfreak. lotsa suspense. nice movie XD

Joshua said...

Copykate - Yeah! We did scream too, not becoz the movie too brutal or violent, it's becoz we got scared by Jennihsurf. lol!