Oct 12, 2009


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I'm here not going to talk any reptile or green creature. I'm talking about some unproductive employees that would do during working hours. Snake!!!!!!

Do you know why "WE" would have such thought?

- Sleep late yesterday night.
- Being threaten unfair in the office.
- Stressful with jobs.
- Has some unwanted persons to see in office

There's one hot spot where a lot people would hang around for Cendol in PJ area. From the attire I would believe they are from work coz it was only 3pm.

So can I call it as........

This movable stall located on side road of PJ Section 17. Rojak also available on the next stall.

I was happened to pass by there with a college of mine after an on site service. Bernard Ong asked me not to reveal his identity oops did I mention his name? lol

Boss! 2 Big Cendol please!

Here go my Cendol.

It taste so so only but it's a good treats to have in between lunch and dinner.

Below is the GPS positioning coordination if suddenly craving for Cendol / Rojak

BTW this cendol cost RM1.30 for small and RM1.60 for big. A good deal I would say.

So do you guys "Snake Out" and where you normally go? lolz


Anonymous said...

yeah! finally new entry...teehee... woah! sedap ooo cendol! normally bought it at gerai lah...just becareful...must beli at 'clean stall'..hehe

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of cendol though..but it look yummy! lolx

Walao GPS sumore? fulamak, next time no need to tell where it is d. Just give the gps location ..:)

Dylan Phuah said...

wants some cendol after looking at the picture of cendol. ahha!

hey, my IP blocked from your tagboard la. :S

neways, i saw u at the Xberry party. you were inside the bar. then after that din see u adi.

KOKahKOK said...

you are SNAKE den haha and you are born in SNAKE year!!! OLDER than me :)

F'Amos said...

tea time ma, josh...the taste not bad. But feel good especially in "hot" weather.

Is a good "drop off" point, when passing by....keke. I used to be there last time...

Calvin.L said...

den i think ur new name shld b "tallsnake" rite? hahahah
jk jk! dun get mad!

TZ said...

Dude, I wanna to try too... :p

Joannnnnnnnn said...

hey!! just to tell you that, it is not in SS14! but ss17 PJ.
I went there several times.. Haha~ yummilicious...

Anonymous said...

mybreakfastclub - Yalor! But then this one quite famous one!

Danny Ooi - Hehehe! Y? Too sweet?

Dylan - OIC! I didn't block any IPs wor.

KOKahKOK - -.-" I may older than u but I look younger than you. lol

F'Amos - Yeah! Cool use down!

CalvinL - Tat's name doesn't match me ler!

TZ - Let's go now! Hehehe

Joannnnnnnnn - Thanks for the update! =) Amended!

Joannnnnnnnn said...

you're welcome! btw, i like your blog as well as cendol. >.<

Anonymous said...

you can hosted new 'jalan2 cari makan' show laa... look delicious, makes me looking for cendol right away here.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Joannnnn- =)

Lucy Angel - Hahaha! I'll have to dig more snake holes! =P

Brandon said...

bro tat's my favourite spot too! hahaha