Oct 13, 2009

Why Peoples Love YouTube

Posted by Joshua |

YouTube has recently declared they already have 1 billion views per day and the number is increasing by days. That has shown that more and more peoples are connected via internet. That means sooner or later there won’t be anymore face to face social network needed and we all will live like the movie Surrogates. Hahahah! That is too exaggerated.

Ok! Back to YouTube. I’m not a YouTube basher or criticise YouTubers. This is just my idiot thought about the peoples in YouTube world.

Frankly speaking, I love YouTube very much and I do upload my videos with it to share with my frens. It’s one of the greatest multimedia networks tools that evolved rapidly.

I have been YouTubing in the pass few weeks a lot, I mean “A LOT” during my holiday and also during office hours free time. There are a lot interesting videos that opened up out mind that we would not able to discover by ourself.

There are these VBLOGGER or known as Video Bloggers that I love to watch their videos like KevJumba and WongFu Production. They did come out with a lot cool and funny videos and yet they also has lot fans/subscribers subscribed to theirs channels.


WongFu Production

But then I did also bumped to some channels rather a weirdo I would say but yet do have a quite number of subscribers in theirs channel.

Here are 2 examples;



I’m not to say they are retarded, gay or ridiculous but on other hand I do respect them for being so courage to expose themselves to so many peoples, I mean millions of peoples.

On other hand, I would feel they are only exposing themselves in this non real world so that they would feel more confident, comfortable and also the only place they could find themselves.

See! Being unique does create attention. I just helped them increased traffics and and publishes them by blog posting them. I guess I shall create more idiots looks and post more no sense posts. So I could be unique by creating more attention and increase my blog traffics since I'm not up to level of Pro-Blogger. lol

Again! I'm not bashing any YouTubers here, it just my personal thought about some YouTubers.

I apologize if you feel offended. Cheers! Long life "Internet"

So what do you think about YouTube?


Edwin T said...

wuahaha. i've watched that "tuts my barreh" video weeks ago. oh! nearly fainted after listening to him singing. XD

kenwooi said...

kevjumba is cool! =D


yienyien said...

omg!! the guy singing the fergie song.. don u jus feel like slaping him??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joannnnnnnnn said...

i feel like slaping him too. hey, yienyien, can you slap him twice?

*i dont want waste my energy on him,..er..i mean her*

Joshua said...

Edwin - Damn farny lor!

kenwooi - Yeah! I'm his super fan!

yienyien & Joannnnnnnn - lolz! I believe alot ppl would have the same intention.

Tony Wan said...

Hahahahaha. That's why I love Youtube. LMAO!

Joshua said...

TonyWan - Youtube rocks... sometimes =P

mybreakfastclub said...

Kevin still the best! :')

Joshua said...

mybreakfastclub - Yeah! Always!

Karena said...

awwwww i love kevin! he has the sexiest voice and sweetest smile ever! (: im supposed to study for spm but im addicted to his videos. hahahahha.