Oct 4, 2009

Super Random Post

Posted by Joshua |

A random post for today.

Just got back from YY's house for dinner.

Has you guys had moon cakes today?

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

2 days ago I have went to a petrol station as I was on emergency. The male toilet was locked and the female toilet was 1/2 closed, I was so wanted to go so I pushed the door and suddenly I saw something not right...............

I fast fast take out my phone and capture it.

Found anything wrong here?

OMG! I have won RM 10,000 from Power Root. Woots! Lam Fong will hand over the cheque to me personally. I want to get an iPhone, Mac Book Pro and a set of body kits for my blackie.

I was super happy can? If it's real!!!

The scam is super lame and outdated! Power Root has declared this on their's website like a year ago.

Super random post can?


mybreakfastclub said...

moon cake...i went mkn2 only..hehe..the funniest thing is..mkn2 to airport! LOL....

ps: i got my nokia 5800 liao..o my...AWESOME!!!! mine is black color o...will post about it if already for it..teehee

zuliana_me said...

hi,tallboyz! andy "mybreakfastclub" told me that ur layout is the same as mine. Too bad i dunno how to edit it though...lol.

Lady's toilet. WOw... Maybe they were thinking ahead of us & already had a "great" plan on how to solve toilet clogging& emergency "guy using lady's room". ;p

Joshu@law said...

LOL at the female toilet...nice capture! haha!
Yea..lots of spams nowadays...even if i really won...i also will be suspicious...darn those spammers!

KOKahKOK said...

....spam.... i tot i can "wat" you for a good meal ...haih...sad...it was just a... haih

Gary Ooi said...

It's normal kua. my gf told me nowadays ladies toilet ada those urinal thingy..for mums bringing their lil' sons to pee..haha..

maRCus said...

Its the dam urinal!! LOL

Flar3star said...

oi joshy , its power root not power roof lols !

Joshua said...

mybreakfastclub - Welcome to Nokia World! Woots!

zuliana - Wah! Same same one wor. Imagine a lady pees in standing pose. XP

Joshu@law - Yalor!

KOKahKOK - U always waiting me to belanja u makan de. lol!

Gary Ooi - But with that height impossible lor.

maRCus - Yeah!

Fla3star - -.-"

cavinw said...

how many lanterns did u set on fire this year ?

Joshua said...

cavinw - 3! lol