Oct 27, 2009

Free New Tyres

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If you guys have follow my Twitter, blackie are back 3 days ago after some accident and has sent for repair. Before the accident I have did some enhancement and DIY with it, and I will be blogging bout it very soon.

Back to the topic, I got myself a SET of NEW Good Year tyres. Yeah! You heard me right! I got 4 new shoes for my blackie for FREE! after I've drove for 1 year 3 months and clocked 32,000 km.

How come?
I black mailed Mr. Toyota and he offer me for tyres. Eh.... that's sound cheap does it? lol!

Actually the tyres that I got that come along with my car was Good Year GT3. This tyres has a very good recognition with 70,000km Threadlife Warranty but then mine not even half of the mileage, the shoulder thread was wore dramatically.

I know u guys gonna say I drove and brake like lunactic. I'm not a drag racer or anything, just that this batch of tyres has manufacture defects thus I able to claim all of the four tyres. I was almost to change it until I read on a forum so I try my luck to claim. Saved me about RM5XX. Woots!

Now I has 4 new Good Year NCT 5 tyres as replacement.

Wheeeeee!!! So new!

Do you know tyre has lifespan? It's because its made out of rubber and it would get harden and subside by time due to temperature changes.

A normal lifespan of a tyres is about 3-4 years. This is how to check the manufacture date of a tyre.

What a crappy post for today! Hahahah!


vialentino said...

not crappy....i din know for this ler....thanks for sharing the info

Calvin.L said...

envy envy envy!
btw, good info!

CWKen said...

thx for the info man haha now i noe sometihng new :)

yienyien said...

wahhh!! so deep ah ur post.. i read two times oso don really understand le.. next time i will jus ask for ur help about tyres!! HOHOHO!

Anonymous said...

Vialentino - No problem =)

Calvin.L - =)

CWKen - Good Good!

yienyien - Not too deep, just my english too lousy. Hahahahah!