Oct 7, 2009

Malcom & Rachel

Posted by Joshua |

Last month I was tagged along by my cousin Malcolm to Malacca. Had a casual photoshoot for my cousin and his wife along with their's best man. It has been sometime I didn't take out my camera for shooting, was damn rusted and feel so pressured.

Here some photos that I took on that day. Feel free do drop me some comments bout the photos. Good Bad comments are welcome for me to learn my mistake.

I do really need a 17-50mm f2.8 lens. Anyone willing to buy me one? Christmas is around the corner. lolz!

BTW anyone here gonna organise photo outing, maybe to Broga Hill or something? Can tag me along? Desperate for photo outing.


Wen Jing ^^ said...

superb long time i never had an photo outing =(

foongpc said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! Nice photos. I'm just a novice at photography using only compact camera in auto mode. haha : )

maRCus said...

Last pic is picture purrrfect! XD

Lee Chien said...

nice.. :)

Joshua said...

Wen Jing - Tag me out together lar! lol

fongpc - Learning make perfect. Thanks for visit back.

maRCus - Thanks wor!

Lee Chien - TQ! =)

Danny Ooi said...

Nice photos... i like the 1st photo.

the second one abit off i think. contrast to high like that. maybe i'm wrong..noob here. I don't even own a dslr yet. ahhhh

Joshua said...

Danny Ooi - The 2nd photo was applied diffuser glow effect, that y it look abit over exposed. Thanks for the comment man! =)

manda_lew said...

OMG damn sweet eh those wedding photos XD

Joshua said...

manda lew - Yeah! =)