Oct 14, 2009

Whiteout Screening

Posted by Joshua |

Yesterday night I've attended Nuffnang Premier Screening "Whiteout" at Tropicana City Mall with YY. Thank you Nuffnang again for the invite.

As usual met alot bloggers there during the screening like Hikaru, CopyKate, JackieLoi, NigelTee, Sam, Jac, Sanjay and others more. Nice meeting you guys!

This screening is about murderer case happened in Antarctica. The story is a bit kanjiong but also abit boring. All is about mountains, death body, ice and frost bite.

The ending of this movie is very nonsense, the culprit went to suicide himself. If I were him, I shall share out the diamonds and live happily ever after. LOL!!!!

Rate 6/10


TZ said...

hmmm... another screening from Nuffnang... next round i should participate and gain the free screening tickets :)

Flar3star said...

u right seriously lol wei ! u owe me drinks ! @@ anyways thx for collecting my tix for me @@ n also nice to meet u, hope can get law abiding citizen den can go watch again haha ! comment on my blog ya :P

Flar3star said...

depends , if u belanja i come earlier lo xD

foongpc said...

6 out of 10? So just OK only lah?

Joshua said...

TZ - You should! Then we can cam-ho! lolz.

Flar3star - Pray hard together man! Aiyoh, thought u will belanja me insteand.

fongpc - Yeah! It can be Wednesday movie. =P