Oct 18, 2009


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Watched Pandorum at Pavilion this afternoon with YY.

It's a quite excited one.

This movie took place in a spaceship that was migrating a big group of human population from earth to a new place because the earth is going to die / apocalypse.

The humans was ordered to stay in theirs own capsule in hyper sleep mode due to some reason. After a period of time, some of them was awaken and found out that the spaceship was intruded by some human killing creatures and the story goes on.

Check out the trailer whether is worth to watch or not?

Rate 8/10 the storyline is not bad and super exciting.


Chingy said...

Poster is scary! Huhu!

Anonymous said...

I tell ya what, this movie alone was better than the whole Resident Evil movie franchise. Stick that in ya pipe Paul Anderson!!! This movie definitely had me thinkin of Dead Space (which i finally completed with all trophies 100%) when that anti riot force gun was used. It's very reminiscent of Sphere with the "mind playin tricks on me" theme.bhahaha

Anonymous said...

Chingy - Yeah! Super!

mybreakfastclub - Have u watched it? Super fans of horror movie eh? =)