Oct 1, 2009

My 2nd Solo Album

Posted by Joshua |

After a year ago released my 1st Solo Album.

Now I have released my 2nd Solo Album.

This album are not only can be purchased at any music stores, it also can be downloaded legally from iTunes Store.

Do support original, be original, buy original.

e-Poster can be DOWNLOAD

Gotcha! It's was a prank only. I can't sing or either I'm an artist, that's the facts. XD


TZ said...

LoL... i thot you have your own solo album... going to purchase one and ask you to sign for me ;-)

JC said...

is this real or... just a scam? LOL. young innocent boy like me cannot differentiate factual or fiction ler!!

Dylan Phuah said...

gosh! you had me pranked!

clive said...

haaha i like your album picture, seems very piss of

Joshua said...

TZ - lol! I'm a bad singer.... er... actually I dun sing, I got a bad experience before. XD

JC - Hahaha! U young boy? =P

Dylan - Great scam? lol

clive - piss of? was playing around with off shoe flash with snoot technique.

kenwooi said...

i wanna hear WTF and WTF AGAIN!!


Joshua said...

kenwooi - WTF! WTF! WTF! lol!

Edwin T said...

the portrait is indeed very nice!

Joshua said...

Edwin T - Thanks man! =)

mybreakfastclub said...

2 words: you creatives

Joshua said...

mybreakfastclub - Thanks wor! =)